arya, the paper mask


Arya is designed to be used and then disposed of. In this way you protect yourself and others, avoiding contamination risks due to multiple use.


Arya is made of a special paper support which makes it breathable and at the same time capable of filtering saliva particles. Arya is not a medical protection device and it’s not intended for health professionals.


Light and natural, Arya is composed only of cotton and wood pulp from protected forests. This means that once used it is easy either to dispose of and put back into the production cycle, or to return to nature without polluting.

Easy to use and light, Arya has ergonomics similar to traditional face masks, but it can be easily disposed of, and if mistakenly thrown into the environment it does not cause damage being 100% recyclable.The adjustment system allows children and adults to wear it correctly.

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      Why choose Arya?

      Most protective masks contain potentially irritating substances.

      Natural, hypoallergenic, and safe thanks to the material suitable for contact with food.

      Comfort offered by many protective masks is poor due to the presence of elastic bands.

      Comfortable even when worn for a long time thanks to its minimal design and material.

      Reuse of protection masks increases the possibility of contagion.

      It is safe, thanks to its single use and its filtering capacity.

      Demand increase is causing price increase.

      Affordable thanks to the minimal design and origami technique that make it easy to produce.

      The environmental impact of traditional masks is high due to the materials that make them up.

      100% recyclable to minimize environmental impact.

      Containment measures and increased demand are causing difficulties in finding them.

      Order online and wait for them at home.

      Fibers typewood pulp + cotton
      Materials originfrom woodlands submitted to evaluation about forest managment
      Breathability594 Pa/cm2 (average)
      Particles filtration capability99% (average)
      Compliancy for food contact
      Maximum use time12h
      Multiple usenot recommended
      Intended usefiltering mask for non-professional use
      Not intended usenot suitable in the medical-healthcare-assistance field or in the workplace as accident prevention protection

      How was Arya born?

      We designed Arya with in mind the objective to avoid today the environmental problem we may face in the coming months, with billions of high impact masks to be disposed of.

      Arya is second skin to Oroburro, matching with our guiding principles: meet people’s need, create something unique, use purposeful design and be responsible.

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